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Get Lost!! organized its first events in 2009, in cooperation with Orienteering Cincinnati, the U.S. Orienteering Team, Bay Area OC, and terraloco.

1. Flying Pig XIII, The Sprint

Get Lost!! co-produced the Sprint of the thirteenth annual Flying Pig event at Burnet Woods, a city park across the street from the University of Cincinnati. Vladimir was one of the five creators of the Flying Pig in 1997. Vladimir updated the map for the event, designed the courses, and generated the results and RouteGadget. The proceeds of this day benefited the U.S. Team.

2. Sprint Series Finals

terraloco and Get Lost!! organized the Finals of the 2009 Sprint Series, a season-long competition held in the U.S. and Canada each year between 2005 and 2010. The Finals showcased the beauty of San Francisco and the wicked-fast wits of the top navigators.
The Finals consisted of five events held over three days. terraloco conceived and produced the first three, at Pt. Bonita in Sausalito, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from the City; and on the campus of San Francisco State University. Get Lost!! was in charge of the last two, at McLaren Park. The map was made by Vladimir Gusiatnikov, Vladimir Zherdev, and John Fredrickson; Vladimir G designed the courses for Stage Four, and Alexei, for Stage Five—The Final. Pt. Bonita on Friday, 13 November 2009
The format of the Finals was that of an elimination tournament; seeded runners vied to advance to higher brackets by winning their heats, or by showing one of the top times. Here's the final set of brackets:
Full bracket results for Sprint Series Finals 2009

Together with a BAOC national ("A") event the preceding weekend, the Sprint Series Finals formed the Golden Gate Getaway—a weekend of top-notch navigation in Northern California. These are the event pages:

Since the 2009 event, elimination Sprints set well on the way of becoming an IOF-recognized competition discipline. Even though the Sprint Series ended in 2010, having achieved their purpose of establishing the Sprint format in North America, Get Lost!! will hold the next San Francisco Sprint tournament in November of 2011.

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