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We at Get Lost!! have big dreams, and Henry Coe is a large enough place to accommodate them for our inaugural event. There's something awesome about being on a wilderness trek of discovery that takes the greater part of a day. The park is just short of 400 km2, or about seven times the size of Bermuda. A major fire tore through the park in 2007, consuming a lot of the brush and chaparral. Some parts of the park, long overgrown, are now passable—but won't be for long.

Henry W. Coe State Park on 05 December 2010Get Lost!! sold out its first independently produced event at Henry W. Coe State Park on 11 December 2010. The rogaine was one of a very small number of organized activities held in the park; one hundred and eight rogainers, orienteers, hikers, adventure racers, and ultrarunners took part. Two event durations were offered, 4 hours and 8 hours; the steepness of the park around its entrances made a 2 hour option impractical.

Just wanted to say thank you guys for such a fun event. It was a great navigation exercise and an awesome workout. I have also never been at an event with such great food! I don't even eat that well at home!

—Stephanie, Team Racing With Giants

Get Lost!! plans to make a ramble through Henry Coe an annual feature. In addition to rogaines, we are thinking of introducing a stage race in 2012 and an MtbO (bike navigation) event in 2013.

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