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We are thrilled to bring you a cornucopia of urban and wilderness adventures in 2012! Our schedule consists of 10 Street Scramble events, three rogaines, two Sprint series, and the Henry Coe Adventure Trex.

Street Scramble Events

Take off for 90 minutes, 3 hours, or even 7 hours in some of the most beautiful urban meccas of the Bay Area, with a little wild sprinkled in... All four of our 2011 Street Scramble venues continue into 2012, with Santa Cruz, Millbrae, and Berkeley and Oakland Hills events expanding to also include a 7 hour division. In addition, we introduce a three-event San Francisco neighborhood Street Scramble lineup (to increase to five events in 2013), and add Los Gatos, Monterey, and San Carlos as our newest Street Scramble locations.

We'll do a few things differently—the Mill Valley event features a different start/finish location, and an afternoon schedule to give you a glimpse of evening lights of San Francisco across the Bay. But the core of our event concept remains—Street Scramble events are a family-friendly way to explore the neighborhood, bikes and pets are always welcome, and so are walkers, endurance athletes, and everyone in-between. Choose your own challenge and craft your adventure using our maps and your own power!!

Los Gatos Street Scramble 07 January 2012 Los Gatos, CA USA
Mission Street Scramble 28 January 2012 San Francisco, CA USA
Millbrae Street Scramble 07 April 2012 Millbrae, CA USA
Santa Cruz Street Scramble 19 May 2012 Santa Cruz, CA USA
Mill Valley Street Scramble 30 June 2012 Mill Valley, CA USA
Monterey Street Scramble 28 July 2012 Monterey, CA USA
Berkeley and Oakland Hills Street Scramble 25 August 2012 Berkeley, CA USA
Chinatown Street Scramble 13 October 2012 San Francisco, CA USA
Land's End Street Scramble 17 November 2012 San Francisco, CA USA
San Carlos Street Scramble 08 December 2012 San Carlos, CA USA


We start with two shorter events, with 2 hour and 4 hour divisions. Get Lost!! in Fort Ord will allow bikes, and even the on-foot participants have been asked by the authorities to stick to trails... there's still a possibility of unexploded ordnance lurking in the bush in this area, formerly military training grounds. Get Lost!! in Black Diamond will use most of Black Diamond Mines Preserve—steep hills, amazing views of the Bay and the Sacramento River delta. This event is foot-only, and off-trail travel is allowed and welcome. Both of these events will feature brand-new rogaine-standard maps made by Get Lost!! using precision survey data.

In September, we plan a Redwood Coast adventure; go for 4 hours or 8 hours in a misty rainforest, and enjoy the fine dining and beer Mendocino and Fort Bragg have to offer! Bikes welcome. Most of the course will be on trails. If this event is a success, we hope this area can accommodate future 24 hour rogaines, and an Adventure Trex or two.

Get Lost!! in Fort Ord (a rogaine) 03 March 2012 Seaside, CA USA
Get Lost!! in Black Diamond 18 March 2012 Antioch, CA USA
Get Lost!! in Jackson Forest 15 September 2012 Willits, CA USA

Adventure Trex!

Our awe with Coe continues to lead us into new terrain. Outside the rogaining world, that is in western Europe, the predominant endurance/navigation format is not rogaines but mountain marathons—such as The Original. We would like to introduce the concept of a two-day stage race to North American rogainers.

If permits work out, you will get your chance at spending up to 40 Hours With Mr. Coe in two installments. We will also welcome bikes. The race will go A to B to C, with a mandatory overnight at B (bikes go A to B to A for this first Trex to make the logistics easier). Start will be on Friday 02 November at 22:00 hours. The first cutoff is at B at 18:00 hours that Saturday (PDT); get all checkpoints you can in-between. The course will be such that the best team will be able to complete the first stage in about 14 hours, and the mid-pack team should just barely be able to get all first-stage checkpoints under the 20 hour time limit.

But if you aren't in the mood for an extended adventure, no worries—the shortest-distance trek between A and B will be less than 10 miles, and after a few hours of hiking under night stars you'll be at the campground! Hot food and tents will be set at B, the intermediate point. We'll also transport some of your equipment—but not an excessive amount, so that all teams will be forced to decide what they like more: a comfortable trek with minimum gear, or a warm night at the campground.

Sunday's race—the second stage—starts at 01:00 (PST), cutoff at 13:00, and will also feature a rogaine-style course. Hikers finish at C while bikes return to Point A. The winning bike teams will have covered over 100 miles in all.

The bike course will include a subset of the foot checkpoints, and all bike checkpoints will be on trails.


Our plans no longer call for producing a one-day Ultralong-format event on or around 18 March 2012—Get Lost!! in Black Diamond (a rogaine) will be held in its stead. We do plan to offer a two-race Sprint competition on 17 March on new ISSOM maps by Ben Legg in Pleasant Hill, CA. Both Sprints will be sanctioned Orienteering USA events.

And in June, Sprint the Golden Gate returns! It will again be a five-stage affair, wholly within San Francisco. The first stage will be on Friday afternoon at Land's End—interval starts, Orienteering USA sanctioned. The following three stages will constitute an elimination tournament; Stages Two and Three in Golden Gate Park, and the elimination Final, Stage Four, at San Francisco State University. On Sunday morning there'll be yet another Sprint on an expanded map of McLaren Park.

Excited? ... we are!!

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