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Get Lost!! in Henry Coe
(a rogaine)

11 December 2010
Morgan Hill, California, USA

Well, they all came... and barely anyone got lost. ! !? Fifty teams and individuals scaled the slopes of Henry Coe in a fun- and sun-filled day of rogaining. Deer, turkeys, and a lone cougar were sighted, along with many newts. Some bought into the course setter's devious traps of single-contour reentrants in the middle of a poison-oak hill, most didn't. And most seemed to enjoy the long-range navigation experience, brand new for some, sought and cherished by others.

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No team got all controls. The overall winners, TrackMe360, got the most—20 checkpoints. Team SOAR, all the way from Redding, took the Mixed honors and fourth overall. But one performance stands out, that of the winners of the 4 hour division, Evil Geniuses for Better Tomorrow. They got 15 checkpoints, and had they been able to maintain the pace for the full 8 hours, would have cleaned out the course—but that's where endurance comes in, doesn't it? We only hope that Mikkel and Jonas keep up their training, and come back to Coe next year to challenge the folks in one of the longer divisions...

Before the startWe are very happy that the event went smoothly; it sure didn't look like it would have in the wee hours of Friday morning, when one of our checkpoint placers didn't show up from the woods. And not just someone—Eric Bone, the many-time U.S. orienteering and rogaining Champion. Anxious minutes passed as we contemplated whether to initiate search and rescue... when, all of a sudden, Eric showed up. No problems (other than a dead headlamp)—Eric's Crackberry turned itself on in his backpack and decided to chat with the world, draining the battery, so Eric couldn't tell us about his altered plans and the headlamp issue. Many thanks to Eric's assistance and advice, checkpoints and water were placed on time, and the course was shortened appropriately.

A big thanks to John Verhoeven and Jennifer Naber, the kind rangers of Coe who facilitated our event. Jennifer checked in on us during the event to see how we were doing. Carey Gregg and Cherie Zeiler formed the backbone of our volunteer efforts, helping with setup, registration, parking, shuttling participants, food prep, and whatever you could think of that needed to happen. Superstars!

Friendly volunteerAnother superstar, Lani Schreibstein, showed up around noon to get the tasty soup going, and helped with our event takedown efforts. Greg Khanlarov provided registration support and Johanna Merriss gave impromptu navigation and map-reading clinics to many of the teams. Also, a big thank you to all the teams for your flexibility, cooperation, and helping hands. We really appreciate the carpooling efforts, and so many of you were willing to take away a bag of trash or recycling. Both Rex's car and Lani's car were absolutely full after we packed everything up, so we were glad most all the trash was gone!

We thank the Bay Area Orienteering Club for renting us equipment (including the e-punch) and helping promote the event. Some of the cooking supplies were kindly loaned by Jay Hann and Ellen Grace Henson. We also thank the California Adventure Racing Association for helping promote, and appreciate the turnout of local and farther-out AR teams. Racing With Giants brought a lot of folks out, and SOAR wins the long distance award for coming from Redding. I think the team that came the farthest was a pair of orienteers from Los Angeles, Steve and Terry Churchill. What really amazed us was the number of fresh faces who are newer to the game of navigation sports, and they took on a tough challenge with aplomb, all coming out with something to show for it.

Of course, when we left, all the checkpoint markers and e-punch stations were still out in the park. Our intrepid, impromptu checkpoint pickup crew gets a big thank you! Jonas Kjäll, Luc Poppe, and Cedric LasFargues came with me on Sunday, and we met up with Trinka Gillis, Bjorn Widerstrom, and Gautham. Dennis Wilkinson and Bob Cooley got the rest Monday and Wednesday.

Refuel afterwards!You got a taste of the big country. But there's so much more to explore at Coe; the park is large enough for at least five non-overlapping 24 hour rogaines! We sure hope to see you at one of the future events by Get Lost!!—the date for the 2011 Henry Coe rogaine is rapidly getting finalized, and we are set to offer you a 24 hour experience in addition to the 4 and 8 hour divisions. If the wait is too long, check out our Street Scramble urban navigation events—full calendar is here.

Created: 05 June 2010
Last updated: 29 December 2010

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