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Road ID RRS Adventure Run!

Discover a new neighborhood... or one you thought you knew well!!

Unfortunately, we will not be able to introduce this venue in 2013. The event has been rescheduled for 2014.

Team OrangeIngleside Street Scramble
Urban Adventure Hunt

Explore the streets of Oceanview/Merced/Ingleside, Lakeside/Lakeshore, the Sunset, Golden Gate Heights, Forest Hill, West Portal, Miraloma Park, Sunnyside, and the various 'Woods!

Thirty locations are circled on a map. On foot or bike, how many can you visit in 90 minutes? in 3 hours? Score points by visiting checkpoints in any order, and answer a simple question to prove you were there. Those who score the most are the winners! Be competitive or casual; go team or solo. Fun for families, runners, cyclists, and anyone who likes to explore!! Awards and refreshments at the finish.

We are unfortunately unable to provide information about this event at this time. We have confidence that it will happen on the advertised date.

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