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Thanks for coming!! We have results, splits, and RouteGadget.

Introduction to RouteGadget. For this event, selecting "View routes" will show the team's checkpoint order even if no route or track has been entered. RouteGadget is enabled only for teams who texted in their answers, and teams who wrote the checkpoint times on their answer sheets.

All of the advance information is available.

Millbrae Street Scramble, 2011

Millbrae Street Scramble

Millbrae Chamber of Commerce

Weather didn't appear exceptionally fine that Thursday and Friday, nor on Saturday morning as we emerged from the BART station into a very wet Millbrae... but as we were setting up shop at the library, the Chamber of Commerce's John Ford delivered the forecast: rain stopping just before 10 am, and holding off until at least 1 pm. And so it did. We were so happy to see so many of you! (or, perhaps, you had access to the same fine source of meteorological wisdom as John...) Those who were looking for mud, found it—in the many parks of Millbrae and Burlingame; those looking to stay dry faced only minor inconveniences as the rain clouds scattered.

The start signal was delivered at 10 am sharp by the Mayor of Millbrae, Daniel Quigg. In all, 49 participants ventured into the streets of Millbrae and surrounding Peninsula cities as members of 30 teams, on foot and on bike.
Dennis Wilkinson

The course featured 33 checkpoints totaling 1000 points. We were more than a bit impressed when Dennis Wilkinson rolled up to the finish table some 24 minutes before the time limit expired, with answers to all of the checkpoint questions! Because Dennis took labors to note the times of his checkpoint visits, we can present the chronology of his journey in our split-time analysis, and on RouteGadget. The split-time engine thinks Dennis covered 31.1 kilometers, but the actual distance he travelled was certainly over 50 km—that's faster than 12 miles an hour, on average, all the while navigating and watching out for traffic! Dennis also had to carry his mountain bike on foot-only trails, and wheel it where riding wasn't allowed.

Dennis Wilkinson.

Other fine performances must be noted. Jonas Kjäll ran the course on foot, reaching 26 checkpoints; this is the best performance for a foot team in the history of the three Millbrae Street Scramble events. The Open Space Rangers were the best Family team, and 7th overall. And now for our showcase category, the Masters Female... when Guittard Chocolate heard that it is usually one of the best contested categories at Street Scramble events, they provided special prizes, single-origin chocolates!! which were won by Vicki Woolworth (bike) and Nancy Lindeman (foot).

We would like to sincerely thank our sponsors. And of course, this event wouldn't have been possible without our wonderful volunteers!

Street Scramble participants instructed
            before the startJohn Ford of the Chamber helped at all stages of the event, from planning and sponsor liaison to arranging the weather and event-day setup and takedown. Vivian Bliss and Andrea Gardner of MerGeo shared the experience of organizing Street Scramble events. Shura Kretchetov vetted the course, and Lani Schreibstein provided graphic design and event-day logistics. Emily and Joe Farrah tallied up the results... But the most valuable help came from the San Francisco State Beta Phis: Kirstyn Raitz, Jennifer Boschker, Shelby Sherry, Katherine Smith, Ashley Kirkpatrick, Ashlee Humen, Erica Barichere, Christina Watson, Daphnee Valdez, Sennica Koung, Regan Castillo, Suzie Gonzalez, Elizabeth Perez, Sam Woodall, Nikki Fouts, Angela Rodriguez, Dara Tolchin, Cathy Avina, Harleen Mangay, Holly Anderson, Christina Fregoso, Aaisha Anael, Azha Simmons, Lisa Tallenco, Izzy Maliq, and Wendy Mendez. The Beta Phis handled most of the event-day tasks, from registration and setup to finishes and snacks, and just made the Street Scramble a wonderful sunny happening, no matter what the clouds were up to!!

And finally, a lot of you noted that the Train Museum was the most interesting and enjoyable checkpoint. Great big thanks go out to the Millbrae Historical Society and its volunteers John Muniz and Vern Bruce for keeping the museum open for us on the day of the event, and for recommending the checkpoint feature. We also hope some of you had a chance to explore the other Millbrae museum, just across Constitution Plaza from the Library; if not, the Millbrae Museum is open on all Saturdays.

In the last bit of news, the Millbrae Chamber and Get Lost!! have agreed to host the next Millbrae Street Scramble on 07 April 2012. See you soon... in the woods or in the streets!

Ready for a Street Scramble start
Eric Bone (Meridian Geographics)
Vladimir Gusiatnikov (Get Lost!!)
Rex Winterbottom (Get Lost!! and terraloco)

Our Sponsors!!

This event has been made possible by the following sponsors. Please patronize their products and services, and contribute to their programs:

Millbrae Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is the Presenting Sponsor of the Millbrae Street Scramble. The Chamber's mission is to promote business in Millbrae.

While waiting for a train at the Millbrae station, we often puzzled, "Where's that smell of chocolate cookies coming from?" Wonder no more. Discover Guittard Chocolate! Founded by a Frenchman in San Francisco in 1868, Guittard remains family-owned and operated, and is one of only ten chocolate makers in the U.S.

Millbrae Lions

The Millbrae Lions Club is a fun and vibrant association of men and women who love their community. The Club is actively involved in a number of important fundraising and community projects, such as the Millbrae Lions Youth Baseball League, Blood Drive, Pancake Breakfasts, and some three dozen others.

Scarborough Orienteering, aka, is a leading vendor of equipment. They carry compasses, SPORTident cards, Inov-8™ shoes, and other gear and produce their own line of o21e suits, club uniforms, and gaiters. also offers map and compass instruction and group outings, including orienteering and team-building training, as corporate offsites.

Oakland's terraloco organizes urban and wild map trek adventures!

Seattle's Meridian Geographics is an active outdoor lifestyle company. It produces the Street Scramble, Northwest Trail Runs, and BEAST Adventure Race series. Its showcase events are the annual Seattle and San Francisco Night and Day challenges, and the Three15er and Big Tahoma rogaines.


The Millbrae Historical Society got its start in the early 1970s by saving one of very few landmarks left in the town—the Millbrae train station. After that accomplishment, several other buildings were recognized by the Society. One of them was moved one-half mile through downtown Millbrae, meticulously restored, and became the Society's Museum. The Museum is next door to the start and finish location of the Street Scramble. We hope you find time to enjoy what it has to offer after the event!!

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