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Discover a new neighborhood... or one you thought you knew well!!

What to Wear and Bring

Wear whatever feels appropriate for the weather and the exertion level you plan. Comfortable footwear is essential if you are going out on foot.

Everyone should bring the following:

  • A watch, so you'll know when you need to return.
  • Pens/pencils for marking the answer sheet and for planning your route.
  • If you plan to use electronic scoring, a cellphone that can send and receive plain text messages. You will send and receive as many messages as you find checkpoints.
  • If you would like to score checkpoints quickly with QR codes, a smartphone that is capable of recognizing them. You will receive detailed information on the compatible models and the necessary phone app after you register. Having this is absolutely not required, but saves a but of time on the course and puts you in touch with our sponsors afterwards.
  • Helmet—mandatory for cyclists

You may wish to bring the following:

  • A magnifier, to make it easier to read the fine details of the map.
  • A compass; handy but not necessary. You can rent one for $1.00 if you leave keys as a deposit.
  • Water and/or snacks. By the way, it is totally fine to resupply from stores while you're on the course; please don't litter.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Additional maps of the area (on the Street Scramble map, most street names are not shown), paper or electronic.
  • Bike lock—for the very few checkpoints that require going indoors briefly.
  • A GPS logger, to share the details of your travels afterwards on RouteGadget.
  • A fun team name and/or team costume!

Street Scramble Safety

The only significant hazard in Street Scramble events is vehicular traffic. This is a serious concern if you are trying to be competitive. It is extremely easy to run into the street with your nose in your map, or while trying to send a text. Look before you leap!!

Cyclists, be extra cautious. You will be tempted to take chances. To minimize the distraction of map reading, we suggest affixing your map to your handlebars, or acquiring a bike map holder. Avoid making navigational decisions while moving. Instead, stop and plan as much of your coming route as you can keep in memory, then ride without consulting the map. If riding as a team, occupy a full lane of traffic rather than riding single file down the road. This is your legal right, and it will enable you to more easily communicate with your teammates. It will also reduce the danger of being sideswiped or doored.

Cyclists, remember that our rules stipulate you follow all traffic rules at all times. This includes riding in the direction of traffic, signaling turns, and stopping at stop signs and red lights.

Orange mesh safety vests with the Street Scramble logo are provided on loan for all Street Scramble events. They are lightweight and breathable. All participants, especially those who are competitive, are strongly encouraged to wear one (or bring a vest of their own).

If you are running or biking hard, remember to stay hydrated. You may wish to carry water with you, especially if you're going out for 3 hours.

Created: 13 January 2011
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