A refrigerator with a Get Lost!! magnet

Enjoy the camaraderie of fun event production while earning credits to participate in future events hosted by Get Lost!!. Although it's nice to earn the credits, we think they're the icing on the cake. You'll get to interact with and support a lot of cool people, helping build and grow the map-sport community. And you'll take away a nice souvenir magnet commemorating the event that only volunteers get—this is your token to participate in a future event, and it will look great on your refrigerator!

Refrigerator not included.

We're looking for a few friendly faces to help with:

  • Registration—greeting people and helping them get set up
  • Course officials—see the action on the course and help by providing refreshments, logging teams for safety, and possibly doing other special duties depending on the nature of the event
  • Publicity—help us get the word out about these fun events, online and in person
  • Crew / grips—event setup and takedown, and help with logistics at the event center
  • Photography and videography—build your portfolio capturing the exciting moments of outdoor racing

Contact Rex to get involved in supporting upcoming events! No refrigerator necessary. rex a getlostxx.com, +1 510 681 6181

Friendly faces interacting at events
Friendly faces interacting at events

Small print: Magnets are transferrable, and earn the owner, the designated other party, or a team the right to enter one of our events of a specific duration, depending on the number of hours worked. There is no need to surrender the physical magnet.

Created: 22 October 2010
Last updated: 01 November 2010

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